Paris, Italy, London & all in between (Pt 1)

Europe us three

The photos and trip in this post is a throwback from 2012, merely 2 years ago. But this post is not about the trip, travel tips or places to go while in Europe. It’s more then that. It’s about why this trip happened, how it happened, the journey and the people involved. It’s about friendship, working hard to fulfill your dreams, managing relationship and life.


It was October 2010. It started with a conversation. Three girl friends sitting and chatting in a restaurant, enjoying hearty meal and desserts while exchanging a recap on what’s going on in each others’ life. A monthly sharing session where everyone took turn to ‘sit’ on the couch and share stories on work – stress, office politics, relationship – updates on our so call ‘happening’ single life that we’re leading, challenges, expectations and frustrations.

It evolves into a a full fledged ‘what if’ discussion. What if we are one of the lucky ones who actually found the love of our life eventually. What if we end-up settling down with a great guy and start to build our life together. What if we have that chance and we would travel the world, go visit the romantic city of Paris together. What if.

But what if that never happens? What if God has better plans for us, which we might not understand at that point of time. What if we just don’t come across that guy that we would be cuddling on the Eiffel tower with. Does that mean that we won’t be seeing the Eiffel with our very own eyes? The thought of visiting the City of Love alone, is pretty much depressing.

But what if we just go? Why do we have to wait?
Hmm.. exactly. We should go. Yeaah.. we should. Whoaa.. that’s craaaazy!
Can we? Won’t it be like insanely expensive?!!

Then the emails began.

Who – Ms. Zero, The Initiator

Email zeroEmail Fira

When – January 2012

The flight ticket sale is finally here. Our aim, is to secure the flight tickets first, so we have a confirmed date. Then we are one step closer.


Along the way, Ms Zero introduced us to Ewinz, who later introduced us to Jacq who decided to join us. Now there are 6 hopeful wanderlust ladies excitedly waiting for the day to come.

Email zero

THE day is 22 January 2012, KUL – ORLY. Coming back on 7 February 2012, LONDON (Stn) – KUL
17 days of backpacking across Paris – Italy – Amsterdam – London.

Tickets bought. It’s almost happening. We have about 10-11 months to plan where to go, where to stay and what to do. But one year is a long time, a lot could happen. Circumstances may change, luck might change and being a hopeful bunch that we are, even relationship status might change…

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