Kawah Putih Tinggi Raja & The Au Naturel Hot Tub

After visiting Kawah Putih Tinggi Raja in previous post, one of the locals we met there suggested that we go down to a river nearby to enjoy a cool swim, away from the hot outdoor sauna.

Crossing some bushes and shrubs to get to this stairs leading downwards to the river
Crossing some bushes and shrubs to get to this stairs leading downwards to the river.

So after a 15 – 20 minutes walk downhill, we came to a small bamboo crossing, on the left was a normal looking river in the forest, but on the right, we can see the same textures of the Tinggi Raja terraces on the cliff and rock.

Tinggi Raja river
Looks like a normal looking river flowing through the jungle
Tinggi Raja river
But as you can see here on one side, the same white buildup are covering the rocks and cliff, creating a magnificent texture.

Warm river

Tinggi Raja river
The water that is flowing down from the top/rocks to the river is the same hot water like the Tinggi Raja. So this means when you swim in the cold river, if it gets too chilly, just swim towards the white stone cliff at the side where its lukewarm. Where else do you get to swim in a river with two different temperatures!
Magnificent – a closeup of the mossy green and white buildup by the river.
Tinggi Raja river
Up close: looking like a huge monster
Up close: looks like a huge monster mouth by the river.
The panoramic view of the hot water by the river.

That’s not all, there is another spot for you to soak in, just a little walk further upstream;

The Au Naturel Hot Tub
Notice on the top left is the cold chilly freshwater river flowing downstream, and to the right side is an au naturel bath tub with warm water in a small cave.
The Au Naturel Hot Tub
The Au Naturel Hot Tub

So there you go… this is really nature at it’s best 🙂


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