Last minute hotels, quickly: App review

What if you got stuck in a bad traffic jam and missed your flight, or you’re just looking for an impromptu staycation somewhere in Kuala Lumpur or Langkawi, Hotel Quickly is definitely the app for you. If traveling is your game, Agoda, and Expedia must already be the go-to applications on your smartphone when you’re in the hunt for hotels or chalets. Let me explain to you why Hotel Quickly is different from all that.

Hotel Quickly

Fast. Simple. Cheap.

Hotel Quickly is a very simple to use last minute booking app. HQ helps you with the same-day last minute bookings at 20% off on average hotel prices. And by last minute, I mean last minute – you cannot book a week or a month in advance, only on the same day, starting from 8am up till 4am daily. So it’s time to be spontaneous baby!

Hotel Quickly

The best part is that HQ hand-picked quality hotels and compile them into a short list so that you wont have to scroll your phone through countless hotels just to find a suitable one. The limitation, for now, is that HQ mostly caters to hotels in capital cities only.

In Malaysia, HQ have a list of hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Penang, Johor Bharu and Melaka.

How does  HQ work?

HQ make special deals with hotels, they help them by filling last minute vacant rooms and travelers benefit from the last minute rooms at bargain prices. Win-win right?

The prices displayed is exclusive of the final fees and taxes. Payments are accepted through major credit cards.


Sharing is caring, so download the app to your smartphone today and redeem this invite code: FANUA1. Receive USD15 (equivalent to RM50) credit and use it for your first hotel booking. Just download the app, go to the menu, click Credits > Enter the coupon code FANUA1 >Redeem. Voila!

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Where to download

Hotel Quickly is available free to download from the Play Store, iTunes, and Blackberry App World.

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