8 places to watch sunset in Bali

One of my favorite things about traveling in Bali is to watch the sun go down in different places. Each place you go has it’s own essence. I love how it never fails to invoke a certain feeling when you watch the horizon – streaks of yellow and orange luminously filling the sky. For that reason alone, I’m listing down various hotspots where you can sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset in the paradise island of Bali.

The Classic Sunset

Location: Kuta Beach
Located aside the busy strip opposite the Beachwalk mall, Kuta Beach is very popular among the locals. Here you can see tanned local islanders selling cold drinks like soda and beer from a cooler. Grab a drink and you’re entitled to sit on one of the plastic chairs they place on the beach. A good place to mingle if you come alone, as they eventually arrange the chairs in a semi-circle facing the sunset and other tourists will be chilling there with you. You will also see plenty of surfers catching the last few waves before it gets dark, so it’s also the place to go if you like to feast your eyes on some washboard abs carrying around surfing boards and chasing big waves.

Surfers at Kuta beach
Surfers at Kuta beach during sunset

The Posh Beach Club Sunset

Location: Hip & happening beach clubs (mostly around Seminyak) such as Potato Head Beach Club, W Hotel’s Woobar and Ku De Ta.

Potato Head Beach Club – being one of the most popular beach clubs in Bali, it’s best if you arrive an hour earlier to get the best seats in the house facing the ocean. Famous for it’s unique window shutter walls and ceilings facade, a quirky modern take on the Coliseum and a long infinity lap pool.  They serve delicious Asian mocktails (my favourite being the concoction of sugarcane+mint+lime) and cocktails in a relaxed ambiance with great music. Really popular amongst tourists and upscale locals, also a good place for watching bikini-clad chics.

Infinity pool overlooking a golden sunset at Potato Head Beach Club, Bali
Palm tree silhouettes frame a balmy tropical sunset at Potato Head. The happiest hour of them all. – @sacredgroundbali

Woobar at W Retreat & Spa Hotel, Seminyak – a very laid back setting with a prime beachfront location at Seminyak beach, located right next door to Potato Head Beach Club. Many say the cocktails here are really good, with really nice upscale decor and ambiance to match. However be prepared to pay premium price for the drinks here, or take advantage of their two for one signature cocktails offer from Monday – Thursday, 4PM until 6PM.

Sunset at W Hotel, Bali
As the sun fades and the vibrant nightlife on the island starts to unravel, sip and flirt with chilled eclectic beats and delectable cocktails at WOOBAR – @wbaliseminyak

Ku De Ta – one of Bali’s iconic beachfront lifestyle destination. It’s enduring attraction is the wonderful oceanfront location, U shaped interconnected pavilions with rattan daybeds lined up – all ready for you to relax and dine while catching a beautiful sunset. Perfect for those seeking an all-day beachfront experience, Ku De Ta serves an impressive and variety of gourmet menu ranging from breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the center of the courtyard is also the DJ command station that plays upbeat and soulful music — reflecting the beachfront bar’s relaxing atmosphere.

Sunset at Ku De Ta
Sunset at Ku De Ta

The Picture Perfect Sunset

Location: Famous attractions such as Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temple

Tanah Lot – Tanah Lot (the most photographed place in Bali ) is located off the beach on the west coast of Bali. It is an ancient Balinese Hindu Temple situated on the rocks, encircled by the sea when the tide is high. It looks as if it is perched adrift in the middle of the ocean creating a magnificent view of the sunset across the sea horizon.

Sunset at Tanah Lot
Stunning sunset at Tanah Lot

Uluwatu Temple – Uluwatu Temple on the contrary, is located on a hill at the end tip of Bali. The locals will perform the legendary ‘Kecak Dance’ at around 6pm while the sun sets. You will be able to capture picture perfect photos here, but it’s a very popular attraction so be prepared to share this location with a hoard of other photographers trying to capture a similar view.

Uluwatu silhouette at sunset
Uluwatu silhouette at sunset

The Rock Bar Sunset

Location: where else but the Rock Bar itself, at Ayana Resort and Spa, (former Ritz Carlton) in Jimbaran Bay. It’s so spectacular that it deserves it’s own category!

The Rock Bar is a stunning bar perched at the edge of rock cliffs, hovering 14 metres above the waves to be exact. It is open for public but it is best that you make a reservation before coming, or be prepared to stand in a long queue to catch the sunset here if you’re not an in-house guest. After queuing, you will have to board an inclinator (which can only take 4 guests at a time) to get down to the side of the cliff to the bar. There is only one inclinator down to the Rock Bar, hence the long queue, but I still think it’s definitely worth the wait.

An innovative bar design by Yasuhiro Koichi, you get to feel the big waves splashing onto the rocks and a get front row seats to some truly epic sunsets. Be prepared however for some hefty bill for your drinks here because the experience doesn’t come cheap – but it’s worth it.

Rock Bar Bali as seen during sunset
An epic sunset at the Rock Bar, Bali
Rock Bar Bali - perched on top of the waves
Rock Bar Bali – perched on top of the waves

The Breathtaking Romantic Sunset

Location: Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a wonderful small island off the east coast of southern Bali. Compared to the hustle bustle of Kuta, Lembongan is quite island where you can explore nature’s beauty such as mangrove forests, seaweed farms and tranquil beaches like the Dream Beach. Rent a bike to go around the island or walk across the suspension bridge to the adjacent Nusa Ceningan island and breath in a spectacular sunset from the Ceningan Ridge.

Nusa Lembongan - a wonderful small island not far from Bali. Witness the sunset on the cliffs of ceningan or by the beach
Witness the sunset from the cliffs of Lembongan or Ceningan
Nusa lembongan - seaweed
Seaweed farm at sunset


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